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The POD®

Preventive Oral Device®

For the treatment of clenching, grinding and pain symptoms related to TMJ/TMD.


The flat plane occlusal guard has been used to protect teeth for clenching and tooth grinding for the past 111 years.  In 1908, Moritz Karolyi, a Viennese dentist, described bruxism as “traumatic neuralgia” and stated “it was the cause of a periodontal condition called pyorrhea (periodontitis).” He most likely fabricated the first occlusal guard and we have been using the design of ever since. Isn’t it time for a new design? In July of 2019 the FDA cleared  The POD®, using Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® for bruxism and TMD. The POD® is a patent pending custom fit, laboratory fabricated intraoral mandibular splint designed to aid in treating clenching, grinding (Bruxism) and TMJ dysfunction. Worn during sleep the device serves to protect the teeth, crowns, veneers, and restorations from the destructive forces of bruxism and will help alleviate headaches, TMJ and muscle pain.

POD Appliance Mold

The Preventive Oral Device (POD)®

By having the dental arches out of contact, there is a reduction of trigeminal innervated muscular activity. This allows for reduced muscle tension and can help alleviate associated jaw pain and headache symptoms. The Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® allows for more room for the tongue, which is free to come forward for better breathing during sleep as opposed to the flat plane occlusal night guard which inhibits the tongue from coming forward.

Our body is equipped with a proprioceptive mechanism which will adjust to the biting forces based on the area of tooth contact. The Unilateral BiteBlock Technology® provides a reduced area of contact and can reduce the forces which could be harmful to our TMJ. This helps to protect our teeth and restorations from the destructive forces of bruxism. Does your jaw make sounds? Do you have headaches? Is your sleep disturbed? You may suffer from TMJ dysfunction and may benefit from The POD®. Ask your dentist about The POD®.

Patient Testimonials

I do not get any neck pain or headaches when I wake up in the morning. My jaw has not locked and my range to open my mouth is at maximum. I am very happy with this since I first started wearing my device.


I have been grinding my teeth since I was a kid. Since wearing this device I have noticed tremendous tension relief in my jaw. My headaches have decreased and I rarely wake up with one anymore. I feel well-rested when I get up in the morning. I have been wearing this device for 14 months, and have no plans to stop. Would highly recommend.


I have noticed a huge improvement in my headaches. I was waking up with a migraine every day before this, now I can’t remember the last time I woke up with one. My jaw and face pain has improved, making it easier to eat. Mostly, my sleep is better, allowing me to not feel exhausted every day.


My headaches have reduced a lot. I no longer wake up daily with headaches. When I do get a headache it’s less intense. My headaches are far less frequent. My jaw feels much less swollen and tight. It’s less painful. I feel calmer throughout the day. Less anxious. I’ve had a reduction in panic attacks. I fall asleep faster, stay asleep more soundly and sleep for longer periods of time.


After receiving the “POD” from Dr. Simonetti I have noticed immediate changes!! I was constantly suffering from headaches and was very anxious. I also went through a period of time where I suffered from TMJ and could not even eat because I could not shut my jaw! These problems affected my everyday life and prevented me from doing many things. However, after receiving this treatment I suffer from 0 headaches and am a lot less anxious. It has definitely improved my quality of living!!


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